Prof. Yossi Matias

Head of Google's R&D Center in Israel. Previously a visitor at the Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, while on leave from the School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University.

For an appointment, contact matias(at)


Research interests: Massive data sets, massive parallelism, data analysis, data streams, algorithms, databases, data structures, data synopses, approximate query processing, data mining, database privacy, internet privacy, spam control, search and information retrieval, parallel computation, data compression, hashing, database systems. information systems

The ACM-EATCS Gödel Prize (2005)



Recent Papers

Program Co-Chair: ICALP 2009 - Track C - Foundations of Networked Computation: Models, Algorithms and Information Management

Invited talks (recent): Data Streams and Cloud Computing for Massive Scalability (Istanbul, 2008), ICDE'08 - panel on Cloud Computing (Cancun), Towards a world of Cloud Computing (IGT'07, Tel Aviv), Internet+2007 (Beijing), WADS'06 (Kanpur), ECML-PKDD'05 (Porto)

Program Committees (recent): CPM'08, ESA'07, ECML-PKDD'06, SIGMOD'06, SIGMOD'06 Industrial Track, NGITS'06, KDD'06, KDDS'05, FSTTCS'05, KDD'05, WWW'05, ICDT'05, ICDE'05

Steering Committee: IAG - Israel Academic Grid

Internet privacy and SPAM control (past activities): LPWA: The Lucent Personalized Web Assistant, Ad-Hoc Working Group on Unsolicited Commercial Email - Report to the FTC, W3C's report on P3P Guiding Principles, The AAAS project on Anonymous Communications on the Internet

Favorite music

For more information, see homepage at the School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University.