CS 154 Instructions for SCPD/TV Students

CS 154 - Introduction to Automata and Complexity Theory
Spring Quarter 2009

All queries from SCPD students with regard to electronic access (accessing files, newsgroups, etc) should be directed to the SCPD staff (see details on their website).

If you are registered SCPD students, you do not need to register through Axess (in fact you may not be able to do so even if you try) to be on our mailing list/grade sheet. The SCPD works with the Registrar's Office to get you on our list -- even if the process might be a bit slower.

Your homework submission should be done through SCPD (you can fax/mail/courier your homeworks to SCPD). It is better if SCPD forwards them to us within Stanford - a bit slower but more secure.

Last updated: March 31, 2009 by
Rajeev Motwani