CS 154 Staff

CS 154 - Introduction to Automata and Complexity Theory
Spring Quarter 2008
Instructor: Rajeev Motwani
Office: Gates 474
Phone: (650) 723-6045
E-mail: "first name"@cs.stanford.edu
Office hours: Thursdays 1:00-2:00 pm (or, by appointment)
Admin: Lynda Harris
Office: Gates 495
Phone: (650) 723-4377
E-mail: "first name"@cs.stanford.edu
Course Assistant: Kostas Kollias
Office hours: Mondays 2:00-4:00pm [Gates B26B], Tuesdays 2:00-3:00pm [Gates B26B]
E-mail: kkollias@stanford.edu
Course Assistant: Nelson Lee
Office hours: Fridays 1:00-4:00pm [Gates 459]
E-mail: nalee@cs.stanford.edu
Course Assistant: Tyler Mullen
Office hours: Mondays 4:00-5:00 [Gates 159], Mondays 5:00-7:00pm [Gates B24A]
E-mail: tmullen@stanford.edu
Course Assistant: Gary Soedarsono
Office hours: Mondays 12:30-2:00pm [Gates B26B], Fridays 10:30-12:00am [Gates B24A]
E-mail: gary503@stanford.edu
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