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  • A Survey of Query Auditing Techniques for Data Privacy., Privacy-Preserving Data Mining: Models and Algorithms (edited by Charu Aggarwal and Philip S. Yu), Springer, 2008. (with S. Nabar, K. Kenthapadi, and N. Mishra)
  • Load Shedding in Data Stream Systems., Data Streams: Models and Algorithms (edited by Charu Aggarwal), Springer, 2007. (with B. Babcock and M. Datar)
  • The Sliding Window Computation Model and Results., Data Streams: Models and Algorithms (edited by Charu Aggarwal), Springer, 2007. (with M. Datar)
  • Asymptotic Polynomial Time Approximation Schemes., Handbook of Approximation Algorithms and Metaheuristics (edited by Teofilo F. Gonzalez), Chapman&Hall/CRC, 2007. (with L. O'Callaghan and A. Zhu)
  • Probabilistic Algorithms, Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics (edited by Ken Rosen), CRC Press, 1999. (with P. Raghavan)
  • An Overview of Randomized Algorithms. (with P. Raghavan) Probabilistic Methods in Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics, Ed. Habib, M, McDiarmid, C., Ramirez-Alfonsin, J., and Reed, B., (Springer, 1998).
  • Coloring Away Communication in Parallel Query Optimization. (with W. Hasan) Readings in Database Systems, 3rd Edition, Ed. Stonebraker, M., and Hellerstein, J., (Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers, 1998).
  • Randomized Algorithms, Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook (edited by Mikhail Atallah), CRC Press, 1998. (with P. Raghavan)
  • Randomization in Approximation Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms (edited by Dorit Hochbaum), PWS Publishers, 1995. (with J. Naor and P. Raghavan)
  • Randomized Algorithms, The Computer Science and Engineering Handbook (edited by A. Tucker), CRC Press, 1996. (with P. Raghavan)
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    * Books

  • Approximation Algorithms, Book in preparation. (Preliminary Version: Techincal Report No. STAN-CS-92-1435, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University.)

  • Introduction to Automata and Language Theory, Addison-Wesley, 2000. (with J.E. Hopcroft and J.D. Ullman)
    See also the Book Support Web Page.
  • Randomized Algorithms, Cambridge University Press, 1995. (with P. Raghavan)
  • Database Theory - ICDT 2003, Springer-Verlag, 2003. (with D. Calvanese and M. Lenzerini )
    LNCS 2572
  • SIAM Data Mining, SIAM, 2002. (with R. Grossman, J. Han, V. Kumar, and H. Mannila)
    LNCS 2572
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