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This project is focused on the issue of providing privacy guarantees in databases and data mining. This is an early version of the website, focused on the interests of Hector/Rajeev and their research groups in this area. It is part of a larger NSF ITR project called PORTIA (Privacy, Obligations, and Rights in Technologies of Information Assessment) involving other faculty at Stanford (Dan Boneh and John Mitchell), Yale (Joan Feigenbaum, Ravi Kannan, and Avi Silberschatz), Microsoft Research (Cynthia Dwork), University of New Mexico (Stephanie Forrest), NYU (Helen Nissenbaum), Stevens Inst. of Technology (Rebecca Wright), as well as folks at government agencies and in the industry.



        Faculty:    Hector Garcia-Molina
                        Rajeev Motwani
        Visitors:    Nina Mishra
        Students:  Bob Mungamuru
                        Shubha Nabar         
                        Ying Xu
        Alumni:      Gagan Aggarwal          
                        Krishnaram Kenthapadi         
                        Mayank Bawa          
                        Prasanna Ganesan
                        Dilys Thomas 


Dilys Thomas is the keeper of our schedule of meetings. If you wish to give a talk, please contact him.



  • Auctions and Privacy in a Networked World .
    Gagan Aggarwal
    PhD Thesis.  
  • Algorithms and Models for Data Privacy .
    Krishnaram Kenthapadi
    PhD Thesis.  
  • Algorithms and Architectures for Data Privacy .
    Dilys Thomas
    PhD Thesis.  

  • Publications

  • Link Privacy in Social Networks
    Korolova, Motwani, Nabar, Xu
    ICDE 2008  
  • Auditing SQL Queries
    Motwani, Nabar, Thomas
    ICDE 2008  
  • Probabilistic Anonymity
    Lodha, Thomas
    PinKDD (International workshop on privacy security and trust in KDD) workshop with KDD 2007. (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) 2007  
  • Towards Robustness in Query Auditing
    Nabar, Marthi, Kenthapadi, Mishra, and Motwani,
    VLDB 2006.  
  • Achieving Anonymity via Clustering
    Aggarwal, Feder, Kenthapadi, Khuller, Panigrahy, Thomas, and Zhu,
    PODS 2006.  
  • Our Data, Ourselves: Privacy via Distributed Noise Generation
    Dwork, Kenthapadi, McSherry, Mironov, and Naor,
    EUROCRYPT 2006.
  • Privacy Preserving OLAP
    Agrawal, Srikant, and Thomas,
    SIGMOD 2005.  
  • Simulatable Auditing
    Kenthapadi, Mishra, and Nissim,
    PODS 2005.  
  • Approximation Algorithms for k-Anonymity
    Aggarwal, Feder, Kenthapadi, Motwani, Panigrahy, Thomas, and Zhu,
    Journal of Privacy Technology, 2005.
    A preliminary version appeared as
    Anonymizing Tables, ICDT 2005.  
  • Two Can Keep a Secret: A Distributed Architecture for Secure Database Services
    Aggarwal, Bawa, Ganesan, Garcia-Molina, Kenthapadi, Motwani, Srivastava, Thomas, and Xu,
    CIDR 2005.  
  • Enabling Privacy for the Paranoids
    Aggarwal, Bawa, Ganesan, Garcia-Molina, Kenthapadi, Mishra, Motwani, Srivastava, Thomas, Widom, and Xu,
    VLDB 2004.  
  • Privacy-preserving Computation of the k'th-ranked element
    Gagan Aggarwal, Nina Mishra, and Benny Pinkas,
    Proc. of IACR Eurocrypt,
  • Privacy Preserving Indexing of Documents on the Network
    Mayank Bawa, Roberto Bayardo Jr., Rakesh Agrawal,
    Proc. of Very Large Databases (VLDB),

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