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Phone: (650) 723-3705
Office: Gates 468

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Computational Social Choice

Virginia Vassilevska Williams
Assistant Professor

My research applies combinatorial and graph theoretic tools to various computational domains. My recent work has focused on the following domains:
  • designing algorithms for shortest paths, pattern detection and other computational problems in graphs and matrices,
  • reducing fundamental computational problems to one another in a fine-grained way, sometimes showing equivalences,
  • studying how much graph distance information can be compressed, and
  • computational issues in social choice: when and how can one efficiently manipulate elections, tournaments and competitions, how to measure the quality of a voting rule, etc.

In June 2016, I co-organized a joint STOC-SOCG workshop on "Spanners: Graphs and Geometry": [workshop website]

In the Fall 2015, I co-organized a program at the Simons Institute on Fine-Grained Complexity and Algorithms.

At STOC'15 in Portland I co-organized a tutorial on conditional lower bounds for problems within polynomial time: Hardness for Easy Problems

Here is a survey I wrote back in September 2015 on Fine-grained complexity: [pdf]

My not so recent results on matrix multiplication: [full version pdf], [Maple files]
(I showed that omega is less than 2.373.)
Here is my 2012 SIGACT News article on the topic.

Students: I am currently advising these amazing Ph.D. students:
Amir Abboud, Josh Alman (co-advised with Ryan Williams), Greg Bodwin, Haden Lee (co-advised by Ashish Goel and Yoav Shoham), Andrea Lincoln, Dan Stubbs, and Nicole Wein.


This Fall I am teaching CS 267, Graph Algorithms.
In the Spring 2016 quarter I taught CS 161, Introduction to Algorithms.
In the Winter 2016 quarter I taught CS 267, Graph Algorithms..
In the Fall 2015 quarter I taught CS 367, Algebraic Graph Algorithms.
In the Spring 2015 quarter I taught CS 161, Introduction to Algorithms.
In the Winter 2015 quarter I taught CS 267, Graph Algorithms..
In the Spring 2014 quarter I taught CS 367, Algebraic Graph Algorithms.
During the Winter 2014 quarter I taught CS 267, Graph Algorithms.
During the Spring 2013 quarter I cotaught CS 266: Parametrized algorithms and complexity.

Program committee work:

I am currently on the ITCS 2017 and the AAMAS 2017 PCs. In the past, I was on the following program committees: SODA 2017, FUN 2016, HALG 2016, IJCAI 2016, ESA 2015, COMSOC 2014, STOC 2013, ICALP 2013, IJCAI 2013, FOCS 2013, COMSOC 2012, AAMAS 2012, AAAI 2012, SWAT 2012, and SODA 2013.

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Short bio:
B.S. in Mathematics and Eng. and Applied Science (CS), Caltech, 2003
Ph.D. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon, 2008, under Prof. Guy Blelloch
Member of the IAS in Avi Wigderson's group, 2008-2009
Computing Innovations Fellow, Berkeley, working with Prof. Satish Rao, 2009-2011
Part-time Research Associate at Stanford 2011-2013
Part-time Assistant Research Engineer at Berkeley, 2011-2013

CV: [pdf]      Thesis: [pdf]

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