I like writing and travelling.

My favorite sport is badminton. I play for the Stanford badminton team.


2008/8/3-21 Stanford CA - New York NY     
   8/3: Stanford CA - Winnemucca NV (mileage: 400; accu. mileage: 400)
   8/4: Winnemucca NV - Salt Lake City, UT (mileage: 400; accu. mileage: 800)
   8/5: Salt Lake City, UT - Idaho - Grand Teton, WY (mileage: 340; accu. mileage: 1140)
   8/6: Grand Teton - Yellowstone, WY (mileage: 100; accu. mileage: 1240)
   8/7-9: Yellowstone (mileage: 350; accu. mileage: 1590)
   8/10: Yellowsone Wy - Helena MT (mileage: 235; accu. mileage: 1825)
   8/11: Helena MT - Kalispell MT (mileage: 235; accu. mileage: 2060)
   8/12-13: Glacier NP, MT (mileage: 180; accu. mileage: 2240)
   8/14: Glacier MT - Great Falls, MT (mileage: 200; accu. mileage: 2440)
   8/15: Great Falls MT - Theodore Roosevelt NP, ND - Bowman ND (mileage: 560; accu. mileage: 3000)
   8/16: Bowman ND - Jewel Cave - Mt Rushmore - Rapid City, SD (mileage: 270; accu. mileage: 3270)
   8/17: Rapid City SD - Austin MN (mileage: 530; accu. mileage: 3800)
   8/18: Austin MN - WI - IL - South Bend, IN (mileage: 500; accu. mileage: 4300)
   8/19: South Bend, IN - OH - PA - Buffalo NY (mileage: 450; accu. mileage: 4750)
   8/20: Buffalo NY - Niagara - Scranton PA (mileage: 250; accu. mileage: 5000)
   8/21: Scranton PA - NJ - New York NY (mileage: 244; accu. mileage: 5244)

2007/7/7-13 Poland & London     
Catedra     Church     Rynek (Main Square)     Fountain in Rynek     hotel    
     Krakow:    St Mary's     Cloth Hall     Cloth Hall (from St Mary's Bell Tower)     Wawel Cathedral    
     London:    Beckingham     Changing of Guards in Beckingham     Changing of Guards II     Big Ben     Westminster Abbey     Greenwich    

2006/12 Utah and Arizona     
     Zion     Bryce I     Bryce II     Bryce III     Canyonlands     Delicate Arch, Arches     Delicate Arch, Arches     Landscape Arch, Arches     Natural Bridge    

2006/8 Spain and Portugal
     Barcelona:    Casa Batllo     Lizard of park Guell     park Guell     park Guell     Spanish Plaza     Casa Milla    
     Madrid:    Plaza Real     Statue of Don Quixote    

2005 winter, France and Italy
     Paris:    Arc de Triumph     Versaille     Royal Plaza     Champs Elysse         
     Rome:    Foro     Colosseo    
     Other Cities:    Venice Canal     St Maria, Florence     Nice    

2004/12 Grand Canyon and Las Vegas
     Fog in early morning     the Canyon     the Canyon II     Group Pic in Canyon     Group Pic II     Sunrise in Canyon     Sunrise II     in Grand Canyon     in Venetian Hotel    

2004 summer, Seattle
     from Stanford to Seattle:    Redwood tree, Redwood National Park, CA      Group Pic in Redwood NP      seashore, Redwood NP      Roosevelt Elk, Redwood NP      Crater Lake, Oregon      Crater Lake II      Diamond Lake, Oregon (our camping site)     
     Seattle:    Space Needle, Seattle      Mt Rainier      Group Pic in Mt Rainier (Microsoft interns)      San Juan Islands      Sunset in San Juan      Whales      Mt Baker (the snow-covered mountain faraway)     
     Vancouver:    US-Canada Border      Capilano Supension Bridge      Stanley Park     

2004/3 Channel Islands, California
     Group Picture     on the Cliff     the Rock     the Rock II     the Island    

2003/12 East Coast     
     Central Park, New York     Statue of Liberty, New York    White House, Washington DC     Liberty Bell, Philadelphia     Philadelphia    

San Francisco & Stanford     
     Golden gate Bridge     Golden gate Bridge II     with Undergrad classmates in Stanford    

1999/7 New York     
     with the Statue of Liberty 神女应无恙

1999/7 Nei Monggol, China     
     on the horse 草原秋风骏马     on the prairie 细数落花因坐久