Algorithms and Friends

Algorithms and Friends is an initiative by the CS theory group at Stanford (consisting of people doing research in algorithms, theory of computation, cryptography etc). Our aim is to increase interaction between the theory group and other Stanford researchers. As part of this initiative, we offer help in solving algorithmic questions that come up in applied research. We also organise a seminar where researchers from varied backgrounds share their work with a primarily theory audience.

If you are a Stanford affiliate, and want to discuss with us any algorithmic problem related to your research, please fill out this Google form. Based on your problem description, we will find out someone suitable to talk to you, and schedule an appointment. Here is a list of areas we may be able to help with:

This list is not exhaustive, and we will be happy to talk even if your algorithmic problem doesn't belong to these areas. If you have any questions, please refer to FAQs or contact us.


We organize a seminar where people from varied backgrounds discuss ideas and problems that may be of interest to a theory audience. The speakers can talk about open or already solved applied problems with some computational component, or anything in general that is somewhat relevant to people with background in theoretical computer science. If you want to give a talk, please contact us! You are welcome to give a talk even if it is an ongoing work, and you are still exploring solutions to some problems.

The list of speakers can be found here.


I am not a Stanford affiliate. Can I still contact you?
Currently our service is only open to Stanford affiliates. However, you are welcome to give a talk in our seminar.

What do I owe you for an appointment?
Nothing! There is no fee for discussing algorithmic problems with us. Also, we don't expect to be co-authors on your papers unless the discussion explicitly develops into a research collaboration.

Can you help me with my homework problem?
Unfortunately, no.


For queries related to the seminar, please send an email to Ariana Mann ( and Kevin Tian (
For other queries, please send an email to Kiran Shiragur ( and Shivam Garg (


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