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About Me

I will be joining Stanford this fall as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the Theory Group. I am currently finishing a postdoc at UC Berkeley working with Umesh Vazirani. I completed my Ph.D. in 2017 at MIT, where I was fortunate to be advised by Scott Aaronson. My interests include quantum computation, computational complexity theory, and connections with physics.


  • Noise and the frontier of quantum supremacy. With Bill Fefferman, Zeph Landau and Yunchao Liu (2021). Presented as a contributed talk at QIP 2021. [arXiv, Video of QIP talk]

  • Computational pseudorandomness, the wormhole growth paradox, and constraints on the AdS/CFT duality. With Bill Fefferman and Umesh Vazirani (2019). [arXiv]

  • Closing gaps of a quantum advantage with short-time Hamiltonian dynamics. With Jonas Haferkamp, Dominik Hangleiter, Bill Fefferman, Jens Eisert, and Juani Bermejo-Vega (2019). To appear in Physical Review Letters. [arXiv]

  • On the Complexity and Verification of Quantum Random Circuit Sampling. With Bill Fefferman, Chinmay Nirkhe, and Umesh Vazirani. Nature Physics 15:159-163 (2019). Abstract in Proc. ITCS'2019. Presented as a contributed talk at QIP 2019. [arXiv, Nature physics] Note: a previous version of this paper appeared under the title "Quantum Supremacy and the Complexity of Random Circuit Sampling".

  • Classical Lower Bounds from Quantum Upper Bounds. With Shalev Ben-David, Robin Kothari and Ankit Garg. In Proc. FOCS'18. Presented as a contributed talk at QIP 2018. Presented as an invited talk at TQC 2018. [arXiv, FOCS, Video of QIP talk]

  • Trading Inverses for an Irrep in the Solovay-Kitaev Theorem. With Maris Ozols. In Proc. TQC'18. (2018) [arXiv, TQC]

  • Complexity Classification of Conjugated Clifford Circuits. With Joseph Fitzismons and Dax Koh. In Proc. CCC'18 (2018) [arXiv, CCC] Note: a previous version of this paper appeared under the title "Quantum Advantage from Conjugated Clifford Circuits".

  • The Computational Complexity of Ball Permutations. With Scott Aaronson, Greg Kuperberg, and Saeed Mehraban. In Proc. STOC 2017. [arXiv, STOC]

  • On the Power of Statistical Zero Knowledge. With Lijie Chen, Dhiraj Holden, Justin Thaler and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan. In Proc. FOCS 2017. To appear in SICOMP Special Issue for FOCS'17. [ECCC, arXiv, FOCS] Note: a previous version of this paper appeared under the title "On SZK and PP".

  • Rescuing Complementarity With Little Drama. With Ning Bao, Aidan Chatwin-Davies, Jason Pollack and Henry Yuen. Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP) 2016:26 (2016). [arXiv, JHEP]

  • On the complexity of probabilistic trials for hidden satisfiability problems. With Itai Arad, Daniel Grier, Miklos Santha, Aarthi Sundaram and Shengyu Zhang. In Proc. MFCS '16. [arXiv, MFCS, PDF]

  • Complexity classification of two-qubit commuting hamiltonians. With Laura Mančinska and Xue Zhang. In Proc. CCC '16. Presented as a contributed talk at QIP 2016. [arXiv, CCC, ECCC, PDF, Video of QIP Talk]

  • Grover search and the no-signaling principle. With Ning Bao and Stephen Jordan. Physical Review Letters 117, 120501 (2016) [PRL, arXiv]

  • The space "just above" BQP. With Scott Aaronson, Joseph Fitzsimons and Mitchell Lee. In Proc. ITCS '16. [arXiv, ITCS, ECCC, PDF]

  • Generation of Universal Linear Optics by Any Beamsplitter. With Scott Aaronson. Physical Review A 89, 062316 (2014). Editor's suggestion. Presented as a contributed talk at QIP 2015. [PRA, arXiv, ECCC, PDF, Video of QIP Talk]

  • Psi-Epistemic Theories: The Role of Symmetry. With Scott Aaronson, Lynn Chua and George Lowther. Physical Review A 88, 032111 (2013). Editor's suggestion. [PRA, arXiv]

  • On Tractable Parameterizations of Graph Isomorphism. With Anuj Dawar and Eryk Kopczyński. In D.M. Thilikos and G.J. Woeginger (Eds.): IPEC 2012, LNCS 7535, pp. 218-230, Springer 2012. [PDF*, LNCS].

  • Caching and Interpolated Likelihoods: Accelerating Cosmological Monte Carlo Markov Chains. With Richard Easther and Katherine Rosenfeld. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2011. [arXiv, JCAP]

Surveys and expository writings

  • Prospects and challenges of quantum finance. With Wim van Dam, Hamed Joorati, Iordanis Kerenidis and Anupam Prakash. [arXiv]
  • Establishing Quantum Advantage. XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students. Volume 23 Issue 1, Fall 2016, Pages 40-44 (2016) [XRDS]

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617 Soda Hall
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94709

electronic mail: firstname at csail dot mit dot edu

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