Rina Panigrahy

Research Scientist at Google

Email: rinapy@gmail.com .

Previous Affiliations

2007-2014: Principal Researcher. Microsoft Research
2004-2006: Ph.D. Stanford University
1998-2004: Engineer. Cisco Systems
1995-1997: M.S. Massachussetts Insititute of Technology
1991-1995: B.Tech. Indian Insititute of Technology, Mumbai

Rina Panigrahy

Please join us for a virtual Google workshop on Conceptual Understanding of Deep Learning”
The goal is to understand the Brain/Mind as an algorithm.
When: May 17th 9am-4pm PST. Where: Live over Youtube
Featuring Turing award winners Geoffrey Hinton and Leslie Valiant.
Includes panel discussion on "Is there mathematical model of the Mind"
Another informal open discussion on "How does the mind work as an algorithm?"

Research interest:

I am broadly interested in theoretical and applied algorithms in areas such as
  • learning and prediction,
  • similarity search, sketching and streaming, cuckoo hashing,
  • large graph analysis,
  • Network algorithms.
    Much of my research has been related to problems arising in engineering applications such as distributed caching for content delivery networks that led to the founding of Akamai Technologies, risk-reward trade-off for stock prediction, space efficient hashing in networking equipment, low power Ternary-CAMs, space efficient similarity search, and fast distance estimation in social networks. These have resulted in over 50 issued patents. Here is my CV

    Selected Publications (Full list)

    Learning and Prediction

    Hashing, Streaming, Similarity Search

    Large Graphs and Social Networks

    Network Algorithms


    • Best paper award in PODS 2008.
    • Best student paper award in SODA 2005.
    • Received the Gold Star Award at Microsoft Research for technology transfer and product impact 2010
    • Masters Thesis work at MIT was used as the founding technology at Akamai Technologies.
    • Won a Gold Medal at the 31st International Mathematics Olympiad, 1990, Beijing, China among 308 participants from 53 countries. Also won a Silver Medal at the 32nd International Mathematics Olympiad, 1991, Sigtuna, Sweden.
    • Top rank at the All India Entrance Examination for admission to IIT among 80,000 candidates nationwide, 1990.

    Program Committees

      PC member at KDD15, KDD 14, WWW 14, ICWSM 14, STOC 2013, WSDM 2013, STOC 2012, KDD 2012, SODA 2012, ESA 2012, WWW 2012, KDD 2011, WWW 2011, SODA 2010, ICDM 2010, ALENEX09, WWW09. Served as an NSF Panelist (Algorithms) in 2011 and 2015.

    Student Interns

    • Alex Andoni from MIT, now faculty member at Columbia University,
    • Krsyztoff Onak from MIT, now at IBM T.J. Watson
    • Nikhil Srivastava from Yale, now faculty member at U.C.Berkeley,
    • Atish Das Sarma from Georgia Tech,
    • Ding Yuan from UIUC, now at UToronto,
    • Preyas Popat from UIUC, now at Google,
    • Mikhal Kapralov from Stanford, soon to be at EPFL
    • Behnam Neyshabur from TTI Chicago.
    • Majid Janzamin from UC Irvine.