A brief guide to various resources on the web pertaining to the Indian subcontinent.

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  • General Information: Includes various FAQ's and surveys.
  • Immigration: Information about Immigration Laws.
  • Information on Kashmir: Links to several important sites related to Kashmir.
  • Entertainment: Links to Indian film, Indian songs, and other cultural activities.
  • Pictures: Links to various web sites that have India-related pictures.
  • Hinduism: Links to the various web sites pertaining to Hinduism, Vedanta, etc.
  • Indian Languages: Links to obtaining Indian fonts.
  • Organizations: Various organizations (eg. WIN, ASHA).

  • General Information

  • India WWW Virtual Library: A comprehensive collection of links relating to the Indian subcontinent. Includes general information, art and culture, economy, education, history, humor, languages, literature, movies, music, organization, recipes, religion, etc. Also has links to historical information about India (eg. states, cities, etc.).
  • The Hindu: Online edition of India's National Newspaper.
  • India Web India: Provides Indian business information.
  • INDOlink: Various links to the Indian community. Their goal is "to become your one stop visitor center along the Information Super Highway". Includes news and analysis, law forum, film reviews, recipes, etc.
  • Indian Travel Survey: Survey on travel agents and tips on getting good deals on tickets to India (courtesy of Prince Kohli).
  • India homepage: Various information about India including links to other web sites (maintained by Dinesh Venkatesh). Includes general information, tourism, culture and fine arts, statistical facts, etc.
  • India Online: Offers information pertaining to Indian and countries of the Indian subcontinent (telecommunication services, shipping to/from India, travel, food).
  • CIA World Factbook 1994: Basic information on India (geography, people, type of government, economy).
  • List of Desis on the Web: Noel Bhatti's attempt to gather all URLs of Desis.

  • Immigration

  • FAQ: Immigration FAQ updated on a quarterly basis.
  • New Regulations: Information about new regulations and proposed immigration bills.

  • Information on Kashmir

  • Kashmir in Flames: Excellent site discussing the history of Kashmir and the recent Islamic terrorist activities.
  • Kashmir: Sponsored by South Asians for Peace. Discusses some of the terrorist activities within the valley; recent elections, and history of the region.
  • Kashmir Terrorism: Primarily devoted to the terrorist activities within the valley.

  • Entertainment

  • Hindi Songs: Archive of Hindi song lyrics in Devanagari and English transliteration.
  • Indian Classical Culture Web Page (SPIC-MACAY): SPIC-MACAY is dedicated towards disseminating information about India's classical culture and art forms.
  • Hindi Film Music: Links to archives and FAQs.
  • Indian films and Indian popular music: FAQ (maintained by Prince Kohli).

  • Pictures

  • Arun Muthuswami's "Pictures of India": The largest selection of India-related pictures that I have encountered.
    Note: This sight no longer seems to be in service. If anyone knows where it has moved to please let me know.
  • Black Peacock: Assortment of religious pictures, with works ranging from as early as the 10th century through the present time.
  • Asian arts: An online forum for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.

  • Hinduism

  • Global Hindu Electronic Network (GHEN): A project of Hindu Students Council. This web site includes an introduction to Hinduism, Jain Dharma, Buddha Dharma, Sikh Dharma, Hindu Festivals, Hindu Organizations, and Vedic scriptures.
  • Alt.Hindu Newsgroup: The archival site for the Alt.Hindu newsgroup.
  • Bhagavad Gita: Each chapter of the Gita is avalaible in postscript format (Sanskrit). An English translation by Sir Edwin Arnold is also available.
  • The Other Place: Guide to the Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedic Culture, etc.
  • Gopher site: Assortment of Hindu-related information (maintained by Arvind Kalia of the Australian National University Library).
  • Hare Krishna Home Page: The official home page of the Hare Krishna (ISKON) Movement.
  • Yahoo Server: Hinduism Page

  • Languages

  • Devanagari for LaTeX: FTP site for using Devanagari fonts in LaTeX (courtesy of Frans J. Velthuis).
  • Indian fonts: List of sites that carry Indian fonts (Copyright (C) 1994 Sridhar Venkataraman).
  • Languages and scripts of India: Language/literature sites on Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Konkani, Nepali, and Sindhi. Interrelation of scripts in India and other countries in Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Japan etc.). Images of ancient Indian manuscripts. etc.
  • SaralSoft: Commercial software developer specializing in Indian fonts for Macintosh and Windows environment.

  • Organizations

  • ASHA - Stanford
  • ILP - India Literacy Project: Non-profit, US-based organization that helps the literacy effort in India.
  • Worldwide Indian Network (WIN): An international network of Asian Indians working on a variety of projects.

  • The Stanford home page.

    The Computer Science Department home page.

    The Theory Division home page.

    Arjun Kapur's home page.

    Arjun Kapur