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                      WORLDWIDE      INDIAN      NETWORK

                      Lifetime E-mail Address ("task08")

           People change jobs, and move from one school to another.  
        Some people complete school and move onto a job, while others 
	return to school after gaining some practical experience.  As a 
	result, one quarter of all e-mail addresses becomes obsolete 
	each year: mail simply bounces back from those addresses.  
	Therefore, you realize one aspect of managing a network like 
	this -- it takes an enormous amount of time to go through all 
	the returned mail, and delete the obsolete addresses from the 
	membership roster.

           There is one way to solve a part of the problem, and that is 
        to have lifetime e-mail addresses.  We know of seven services 
	who would forward your electronic mail for life:
           1. http://www.USA.net; then click onto NetAddress.
                It is free.
           2. http://www.Juno.com; then click onto Get Juno Now.
                It is free.
           3. http://www.pobox.com/~pobox; then click onto Paying.
                It costs $15 a year.
           4. http://www.HotMail.com; then click onto Sign Up Here.
                It is free.
           5. http://www.GeoCities.com; then click onto Free E-mail. 
                It is free.
           6. http://www.Four11.com; then click onto Lifetime iName.
                It is free.
           7. http://www.RocketMail.com; then click onto Sign Up Now.
                It is free.

           Everyone benefits if you have an e-mail address for life.  
        You gain because each time you move you need to notify only one 
	party -- the service that forwards your e-mail to your current 
	address -- rather than to all of your friends and acquaintances.  
	Moreover, you don't lose any of your valuable electronic mail.  
	Your friends and acquaintances have a lot to gain because they 
	need to remember only one address for you.  In addition, they 
	will not be irritated by bounced mail.

           Therefore, we urge all members to subscribe to a lifetime 
        e-mail forwarding service.

		Biswanath Halder
		-- Network Coordinator


        P.S. If you know of any other service that forwards electronic 
             mail for life, please send an e-mail to win@neu.edu.


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