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                      WORLDWIDE      INDIAN      NETWORK

	     Posting of Messages onto Bulletin Boards  ("task11")

	    The Network maintains an FTP site at the University of
	Waterloo.  FTP to (plg.uwaterloo.ca).  Login as
	anonymous, and use your userid as the password.  Then change
	directory ("cd") to /pub/WIN, and type ls.

	    Currently, the following files are available at the site: 
	Baby Names, Indian Lawyers, Indian Newspapers, Indian Community
	Leaders, Names of Domains of US Colleges, Names and Addresses of 
	US Senators, the Family Reunification Bills ( Senate Bill S618 & 
	House Bill HR3182 ), the Srinivas Chirukuri Case, ERNET Sites in 
	India, and President Clinton's Speech at the United Nations.  

	    At all times some people are looking for such information.  
	Our services should be announced on all electronic bulletin 
	boards on a regular basis.  We need the help of a few members 
	willing to post messages onto bulletin boards.

	    Even if you don't have access to USENET from your machine, 
	you can still post messages.  Simply replace the "periods" with 
	"hyphens" from the name of the USENET newsgroup, and mail your 
	message to cs.utexas.edu.  For example, to post a message onto 
	soc.culture.indian, you mail the message to soc-culture-indian@
	cs.utexas.edu, and the University of Texas will post the  
	message for you.

	    An alternative way to post messages by e-mail is to add 
	".usenet" at the end of the newsgroup, and mail the message to 
	decwrl.dec.com.  For example, to post a message onto alt.culture
	.us.asian-indian, mail the message to alt.culture.us.asian-

	    If you would like to help the Network in this capacity, 
	please contact the Network Coordinator (bhalder@lynx.neu.edu), 
	using the phrase "TASK11 HELP" in the subject line.


	P.S. We are aware of the following electronic bulletin boards of 
	     special interest to Asian Indians:
	     (a) soc.culture.india
	     (b) soc.culture.tamil
	     (c) soc.culture.indian
	     (d) soc.culture.punjab
	     (e) soc.culture.bengali
	     (f) soc.culture.indian.info
	     (g) soc.culture.indian.kerala
	     (h) soc.culture.indian.telugu
	     (i) soc.culture.indian.marathi
	     (j) alt.culture.tamil
	     (k) alt.culture.kerala
	     (l) alt.culture.karnataka
	     (m) alt.culture.us.asian-indian
	     (n) alt.politics.india.progressive
	     (o) alt.india.progressive (biju+@pitt.edu)
	     (p) alt.hindu (ajay@mercury.aichem.arizona.edu)
	     (q) rec.music.indian
	     (r) rec.music.indian.classical
	     (s) misc.news.southasia
	     (t) india-d (editor@andy.bgsu.edu).

	     If you know of any other such bulletin boards, please 
	     forward that information to the Network Coordinator.


The Worldwide Indian Network (WIN) home page.

Arjun Kapur's home page.

Arjun Kapur