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                      WORLDWIDE      INDIAN      NETWORK

			    COMMITTEES  ("task51")	

           WIN establishes a committee for each issue that it decides to 
        address.  The committee, in turn, decides the course of action 
        the Network will adopt on that particular issue.  The following 
        committees are currently in operation:


		  Family Reunification Bills (Project #93FAMR)

	   The Justice Department takes several years to grant an 
	Immigrant Visa to the spouse of a permanent resident of the 
	United States.  To remedy this situation, Senator Donald Riegle 
	of Michigan had introduced Bill S618 to the Senate to amend the 
	Immigration and Nationality Act (8 USCA 1182).  Congressman 
	Frank Pallone of New Jersey had brought the companion Bill 
	HR3182 to the House of Representatives.  These bills would have 
	allowed the spouses and children of permanent resident aliens to 
	enter and reside in the United States temporarily as visitors or 
	students while waiting to obtain immigrant visa status.  Members 
	of the Network wrote to federal legislators urging them to vote 
	for these bills (S618 & HR3182).  

	   A copy of the bills, and some facts and discussion about the 
	problem are available at the FTP Site of the Network.  FTP to (plg.uwaterloo.ca), login as "anonymous," and use 
	your e-mail address as the password.  Then change directory 
	("cd") to /pub/WIN/, and type "dir."  The name of the file is 


			   Kashmir  (Project #93KSMR) 

	   President Clinton cited Kashmir in his United Nation's 
	speech (on September 27, 1993) on international conflict areas.  
	Apparently, the United States has been distancing itself from 
	the Shimla Agreement.  Members of the Network wrote to the 
	President urging his administration to denounce Pakistan-
	sponsored terrorism and to continue the previous US policy of 
	supporting the 1972 Shimla Agreement, according to which India 
	and Pakistan should settle their differences through bilateral 
	   The President's UN speech is available at the FTP site of the 
	Network.  FTP to (plg.uwaterloo.ca), login as 
	"anonymous," and use your e-mail address as the password.  Then 
	change directory ("cd") to /pub/WIN/, and type "dir."  The name 
	of the file is "Clinton.UN."

	   To learn more about the issue, please retrieve information 
	from the gopher site of the India Network Foundation.  The 
	address is:
	   gopher://india.bgsu.edu/Embassy of India/Kashmir Update


		    India Literacy Project (Project #93ILIT)

	   Literacy is the first step on the road to change and
	development.  Unfortunately, illiteracy is one of the most
	significant problems in India -- only 52% of her population is 
	literate.  The India Literacy Project (ILP) is a US-based non-
	profit organization that raises funds and helps various 
	organizations in India working for the cause of literacy.  The 
	goal of the ILP is to make India 100% literate.  The Network 
	supports the India Literacy Project.

	   To learn more about this Project, please retrieve information 
	from the Web Site of the ILP.  The URL is http://pobox.com/~ilp.


		      Pressler Amendment (Project #94PAMD)

	   In March 1994 the Pentagon proposed a one-time exception to 
	the Pressler Amendment which would have allowed the shipment of 
	F-16 aircraft to Pakistan.  These aircraft are capable of 
	delivering nuclear warheads.  Any resumption of their sale would 
	be equivalent to a US endorsement of Pakistan's arms build-up 
	and state-sponsored terrorism.  Such a move would also escalate 
	the arms race in an already volatile region of the world.  
	Members of the Network wrote to US Senators urging them to 
	oppose any exception to the Pressler Amendment.


	   The Network encourages all members to join one of the above 
	Committees and to contribute actively to the work of that 
	Committee.  To join the Committee on 

	(a) Family Reunification Bills (S618 & HR3182),
			     send an e-mail to famr-win@cs.stanford.edu;
	(b) Kashmir,	     send an e-mail to ksmr-win@cs.stanford.edu;
	(c) India Literacy Project,
			     send an e-mail to ilit-win@cs.stanford.edu;
	(d) Pressler Amendment,
			     send an e-mail to pamd-win@cs.stanford.edu.

	   Please use the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, and your 
	e-mail address (in small letters only), home zip code, full 
	name, and telephone number(s) in the body using the following 

	halder@iname.com : 44106 : Mr Biswanath Halder   (H)216-795-1779


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