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                      WORLDWIDE      INDIAN      NETWORK

	               Member Participation  ("task90")

	   The American Bar Association, the American Medical 
	Association, the Institute of Electrical Engineers: they all 
	have membership dues.  If you add up the membership dues of any 
	one of these organizations, it results in enough money for the
	the organization to hire staff and run itself.

	   The Network does not and will not have any membership dues.  
	It is at present, and will continue to be in the future, run by 
	volunteers.  All of us have other things to do, such as work, 
	study, etc.  Hence, in order to distribute the workload and run 
	the Network professionally, we need to ask you to invest one 
	minute of your time each day (i.e., 365 minutes a year, or 6 
	hours and 5 minutes a year) in the Network. 

	   If you buy a shirt for $10.00, you exchange your ten dollar 
	bill for a ten dollar shirt.  Suppose you put together a file 
	consisting of baby names, and make it available to the world 
	through our FTP site (at the University of Waterloo).  For every 
	hour of your time you invest in this project, the net benefit to 
	the Indian community will be thousands, if not millions, of 

	   Therefore, we are asking each member to perform at least one 
	of the tasks mentioned below:

	   1. Obtain an FTP site                 (see MN08 of "task10");
	   3. Establish a World Wide Web site    (see MN08 of "task10");
	   2. Obtain a Special Computer Account  (see MN08 of "task10");
	   4. Assume the Responsibilities of a Coordinator 
							 (see "task20");
	   5. Join a Committee                           (see "task51");
	   6. Post Messages onto Bulletin Boards         (see "task11");
	   7. Establish a PD Center                      (see "task05");
	   8. Recruit New Members                (see MN05 of "task10").

		Biswanath Halder (bhalder@lynx.dac.neu.edu)
		-- Network Coordinator


	P.S. All of the above files are located at our World Wide Web 
	     Site at Stanford University.  The URL is



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