AFLB -- Algorithms for Lunch Bunch is usually held in Gates 498 at 4:15 pm Thursdays. It is run by Mayur Datar and Kamesh Munagala and An Zhu. Click here for directions.


  1. 29 Nov 2001. Kamal Jain (Microsoft Research): Equitable, Group Strategyproof Cost Allocations via Primal-Dual-Type Algorithms
  2. 9 Jan 2002. Michael Mitzenmacher (Harvard University): "Compressed Bloom filters" and "Compressing the Web graph"
  3. 9 Jan 2002. Moshe Lewenstein (IBM Watson Research Center): Asymmetric Maximum Travelling Salesperson Problem
  4. 10 Jan 2002. Freund Ari (Technion): Algorithmic Aspects of Bandwidth Trading
  5. 28 Jan 2002. Ashish Goel (Univ of Southern California): Towards an Algorithmic Theory of Self-Assembly
  6. 9 May 2002. D. Sivakumar (IBM Almaden ): An information statistics approach to data-stream and communication complexity
  7. 16 May 2002. Mayank Sharma (EE Dept, Stanford): On Parisi's Conjecture for the Finite Random Assignment Problem
  8. 30 May 2002. Balaji Prabhakar (CS/EE Dept, Stanford): A Scaling Hypothesis: Or, how the performance of a network scales as its physical parameters are scaled
  9. 25 July 2002. Boaz Patt-Shamir (Tel Aviv University) : Nearly Optimal FIFO Buffer Management for DiffServ
  10. 02 Oct 2002. Alex Kesselman (Tel Aviv University) : Competitive Analysis of Buffer Management Policies for QoS Switches