MATH 113: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

Stanford University, Autumn 2018

Lectures: Mon/Wed/Fri 11:30 - 12:20 PM, room 380X
Instructor: Jan Vondrak (
Course Assistant: Joseph Helpher (
Office hours:
Tuesday 3-5 pm, 383-J (Jan)
Friday 2-4 pm, 380-T (Joj)

Textbook: Sheldon Axler: Linear Algebra Done Right.

FINAL EXAM: Friday Dec 14, 8:30-11:30 am, room 380-Y

A sample final exam can be found here

Sample final solutions here

Midterm solutions can be found here

Homework will be posted every Monday here:

Problem sets are due the following Monday, either in class or in my math dept. mailbox by 5 pm.
Course description: This is a rigorous proof-based course course on linear algebra. List of topics:
Prerequisites: Linear algebra and calculus (Math 51).

While most of the material we will cover is in this book, some isn't. You are expected to come to class and take your own notes.

Midterm and final exam: will be closed-book (one 3" x 5" card of notes allowed).

Homework policy is: Please try to solve the problems on your own. If you're stuck, you can discuss but please list who you collaborated with on your problem set.
If the problems seem too hard, something's wrong - come and talk to me or to the CA.
Please try to write out complete arguments, using full sentences in a way that we can read them.

If you don't have experience with rigorous proofs, here is a nice essay on how to construct proofs and write them down properly.