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Translating the Verse from Hebrew to English

Table 1: The verse translated word-for-word from Hebrew to English with a few words remaining in Hebrew.
Hebrew & English meaning \\ \hline... collect, to
take away, to destroy \\ [1ex]
& Go \\

Copying from [GRB43], I have listed a word-for-word translation of Exodus 3:16 from Hebrew to English in Table 1. Hebrew writers can add suffixes to convert one word into a clause so English words appear next to the Hebrew words in the left column.

By choosing among the the choices for each Hebrew word, adding punctuation, and rearranging, write the verse in English.

Caveat reader: I obtained the Hebrew transliteration words from both [VeW96,Zod84], which differ in the use of accents and in tone.

Jeffrey David Oldham