Rajeev Motwani's Research Projects


* Research Interests

Databases, data mining, information retrieval, and web searching. Privacy and security, particularly in the context of databases and information retrieval. Optimization and scheduling problems, particularly for applications in computer systems, compilers, and databases. Computational and combinatorial geometry with applications to robotics and vision. Computational biology and automated drug design. Design and analysis of algorithms with emphasis on approximations, online computations, and randomized algorithms, as well as related complexity theory.

* Research Projects

  • RAIN: Research on Algorithms for the Internet
  • PORTIA (Privacy, Obligations, and Rights in Technologies of Information Assessment)
  • Privacy and Databases
  • WSMS: Web Service Management System
  • STREAM: STanford stREam datA Manager (see also Stream Team web page)
  • Stanford Peers
  • MIDAS: Mining Data at Stanford (Data Mining Group)
  • Web Crawling and Indexing (Search the web using Google).
  • TRAPP: Tradeoff in Replication Precision and Performance
  • JOQRS (Parallel Query Optimization).
  • Algorithmics of Motion.
  • RAPID: Randomized Pharmacophore Identification in Drug Design.
  • Robot Path Planning (with Kavraki and Latombe).
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