Robert in Buttonwillow's turn 4

BigBird in action

Here we are inside Buttonwillow's turn 4, watching Robert pose for the camera. (Photo by Phil Horne of Photolicious Photography)
(24 March, 2002)

Tip of the day: Keep your beard clean; if you're lucky you have a good helper for this. Thanks to Jim Race for photodocumentation of proper beard-cleaning procedure.

More pictures of me racing with the AFM (all racing photos by Gary Rather except as indicated):

Unfortunately I don't know who deserves the photo credit for this very nice aerial image of Thunderhill Raceway. The effects of perspective aren't terribly obvious in the shot until you realize that it makes turn 1 (the left-hander at the far end of the long straight) look almost as tight as turn 14 (the old turn 9, the right-hander that joins the longest straight at the confluence of a bunch of asphalt access roads). The new part of the track (on the right side of the photo) was really very new when this picture was taken, and the asphalt joining it to the old section looks like it wasn't quite complete (the areas around turn 13 and the old turn 8). I stole this image from the Silicon Valley Triumph Web.

Here is another image of Thunderhill from the air, probably taken in the same flight on the same day, from the looks of it. This one is stolen from Thunderhill's web site.

Here's what Sears Point looks like from the air (photo by Russ Roslewski).

Anyone know where I can get a similar image of Buttonwillow?

If you like, you can read a race report. They tend to be longer and more interesting when I do well, shorter and terser when I suck:

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What I mostly look like, in case you care.

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