Re: QED, Bourbaki and Mathematica

Ted Ashton <>
Subject: Re: QED, Bourbaki and Mathematica
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 93 8:19:47 PDT
From: Ted Ashton <>
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> The interface is a very important issue too. The technology nowadays is
> sufficiently advanced to allow mathematicians the use of real
> mathematical notation. It should not be necessary to type "\int" for an
> integral: an appropriate integral icon should be available and draggable
> onto the workspace. 

Agreed.  Yet let's not forget those of us who find it much faster and more 
automatic to type \int.  With the technology available, it should be also
possible to create an interface in which everything that can be done by mouse
can also be done by keyboard.  It might be worthwhile to store stuff in, say,
TeX format for the benefit of those who want to send copies of stored info to
those who don't have access to qed.

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