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Zdzislaw Meglicki <>
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Date: Wed,  4 Aug 1993 08:48:49 +1000 (EST)
From: Zdzislaw Meglicki <>
Subject: Re: from idea to project
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> [...] Why not take the 
> NeXT Cube as a prototype of QED?

Good and elegantly designed computer systems such as NeXT certainly
greatly facilitate working on difficult projects, but I would be
reluctant to embrace a particular hardware/software platform for a
system as important as QED. To begin with NeXT is very little known
outside of the US. I have never seen this machine in Australia, although
I've heard occasional rumours that someone is selling them here. QED
ought to be highly portable. 

Perhaps a better idea would be to borrow whatever valuable software
technology and ideas are required for QED from NeXT and other systems
and combine them with the work that has been already done in this area
so far. And, as it has been pointed recently by
there are already many advanced systems for implementing mathematics at
various levels of formalism available. 

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