From idea to project
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1993 01:10:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: From idea to project
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First I want to correct a mistake that has been bothering me for a 
month.  In "Objection 10" I misspelled Stuart Kauffman's name.  
Two f's, one n.  I am the kind of perfectionist who actually worries 
about such things.  

Now, about turning QED into a project:  Back at the beginning of 
this discussion, David McAllester said that he could write a simple 
routine that would translate definitions and theorems from any of 
the other theorem-proving languages into Ontic.  Nobody said "All 
right, let's do it."  

A few days later Michael Beeson came up with some excellent 
suggestions for making QED into a project, but no one said "Ok, let's 
do it."  

Then several people suggested getting students involved; make QED 
part of the cs curriculum, and get students to do much of the 
work.  Once again, no one said "Ok, let's do it."  

I have a sense of futility about this.  No matter what we suggest, 
nothing is going to happen.  

About portability:  eventually the mathematics library will reside 
somewhere out here on the Net.  You will be able to access it with 
just about any kind of computer.  But that is several years in the 

When we make a prototype system, at some point somebody is 
going to have to sit down and start writing code in a specific 
language on a specific computer.  At that stage it will not be