Re: Cold water
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 12:29:37 BST
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In-reply-to: Konrad Slind's message of Fri, 23 Apr 1993 03:04:55 +0200 <>
Subject: Re: Cold water
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Although the goals of QED seem exciting and worthy, I find myself agreeing
with Konrad Slind to the extent that I believe the potential benefit of
developing a repository of verified software (and/or hardware) components,
together with their proofs, is far more obvious than that of developing
a body of formally checked mathematics.  From a technical point of view,
this also seems to be a more achievable goal.  I don't mean to suggest that
QED is a bad idea; I just wish that the same enthusiasm could be generated
for doing the same thing with software/hardware.

Don Sannella