Gregory Valiant

There is a picture here.

I am an Assistant Professor in Stanford's Computer Science Department. My main research interests are in algorithms, learning, applied probability, and statistics; I am also interested in evolution and game theory, and have enjoyed working on problems in database theory. Prior to joining Stanford, I was a postdoc at Microsoft Research, New England, and received my PhD from Berkeley in Computer Science, and BA in Math from Harvard.

Aside from Computer Science, I play waterpolo, dabble in ceramics, and surf--let me know if you're keen to join me. My brother Paul also does Theory.

My office is 470 Gates, and my office hours this quarter are Thursdays, 3pm-4:15pm.

Recent updates: Ilias Diakonikolas and I organized a workshop at STOC'14 on "Efficient Distribution Estimation"---see here for slides from all the talks.