Legion Retreat

Dec. 7-8, 2022

Session 1: Project Updates

Opening Remarks Alex Aiken, Stanford [video, slides]
Legion Michael Bauer, Nvidia [video, slides]
Regent & Pygion Elliott Slaughter, SLAC [video, slides]
Realm Artem Priakhin, Nvidia [video, slides]

Session 2: Libraries

cuNumeric Wonchan Lee, Nvidia [video, slides]
FlexFlow Colin Unger, Stanford [video, slides]
DISTAL: The Distributed Tensor Algebra Compiler Rohan Yadav, Stanford [video, slides]

Session 3: Applications

S3D Jackie Chen, Sandia National Laboratory [video, slides]
FLEET: Dynamically Configurable Network Topologies for Legion Fred Douglis and Eric van den Berg, Peraton Labs [video 1,video 2, slides]
DG-Legion: Approaches to Scaling Unstructured Applications Kihiro Bando, Stanford [video, slides]

Session 4: Breakouts

Session 5: Applications & Tools

The Legion Profiler Wei Wu, Nvidia [video, slides]
The CANDLE Project Jamal Mohd-Yusof, Los Alamos National Laboratory [video, slides]
Simulations of Non-Equilibrium Flows Al Zamora, Stanford & Elliott Slaughter, SLAC [video, slides]

Session 6: Lightning Talks

[video from the lightning session]
Legate Sparse: Distributed and Accelerated Sparse Linear Algebra in Python Rohan Yadav
GASNet-EX: Communication support for Legion Paul Hargrove
The Radio Camera: Direct Imaging of the Sky at Radio Frequencies Martin Pokorny
Realizing Adaptive in situ Visualization Workflows in Regent Qi Wu
A Mapping DSL for Legion Anjiang Wei
Compiling Sparse Tensor Algebra to Domain-Specific Accelerators Fred Kjolstad
Accelerating Quantum Chemistry with Regent Grace Johnson
Legion Solvers David Zhang
Towards Single Particle Imaging Reconstruction on Exascale Computing Platforms Chuck Yoon
FleCSI Sumathi Lakshmiranganatha