Graduated Ph.D. Students

Since I became a professor in 1993, I've been privileged to work with great Ph.D. students. Nothing defines the professional life of a research faculty member more than the graduate students they work with, and my professional life has been fun and rewarding. Below is a list of the students who have graduated with me as their primary advisor, their thesis, and their current affiliation, if I know it.
  1. Manuel Fähndrich
  2. David Gay
  3. Jeff Foster
  4. Zhendong Su
  5. Ben Liblit
  6. John Kodumal
  7. Tachio Terauchi
  8. Yichen Xie
  9. Sorav Bansal
  10. Simon Goldsmith
  11. Mayur Naik
  12. Adam Oliner
  13. Isil Dillig
  14. Thomas Dillig
  15. Brian Hackett
  16. Peter Hawkins
  17. Michael Bauer
  18. Eric Schkufza
  19. Rahul Sharma
  20. Sean Treichler
  21. Elliott Slaughter
  22. Osbert Bastani
  23. Lazaro Clapp
  24. Stefan Heule
  25. Berkeley Churchill
  26. Manolis Papadakis
  27. Wonchan Lee
  28. Zhihao Jia
  29. Jason Koenig
  30. Kihiro Bando
  31. Sumith Kulal
  32. Lee, Wonyeol