Forget wands. Forget words. Truly powerful wizards cast spells with mere hand motions. Instead of clumsily swinging a glorified twig and reciting nonsensical tongue-twisters, the best mages vanquish their enemies with artful sequences of gestures.

Challenge others to duels of sorcery to attain magical knowledge. Gain mastery over monsters, the minds of others, the elements, and perhaps even time and life itself.

Spelltapper is a version of Richard Bartle’s Spellbinder, adapted for Android devices. Players choose hand gestures by drawing on the screen with their fingers.


I’m using Google App Engine to run a free server for multiplayer games. It’s very flaky.

Sadly, I have no time to work on this project. I also forgot my password for my Android development key.


To fetch the source:

$ git clone http://cs.stanford.edu/~blynn/spelltapper/spelltapper.git

Ben Lynn blynn@cs.stanford.edu 💡