Seminar on Computer Security and Cryptography


This weekly seminar on security and cryptography is organized by Cynthia Dwork and John Mitchell. Our goal is to cover a range of topics, from applications requiring security to engineering of secure systems to basic concepts and techniques in cryptography.

Time and Place

We will meet on Tuesdays at 4:15 in Gates 104. This room is just inside the Serra Street entrance to the Gates Building. (This is the building entrance that has Bill Gates' name over the door.)

Mailing List

Announcements will be posted to a mailing list called secure; to join that list, send email to with the line subscribe secure in the body of the message. There is an archive of this list.


Oct 1 Peter Neumann (SRI) Security Risks in the Infrastructure handout
Oct 8 Mihir Bellare (UCSD) Verifiable cryptographic time capsules with application to key escrow Slides
Oct 15 Cynthia Dwork (IBM Almaden) Non-Malleable Cryptography.
Oct 22 Martin Abadi (DEC SRC) The Millicent Protocol for Inexpensive Electronic Commerce
Oct 29 Ian Goldberg (UC Berkeley) Making Change for Anonymous Payers using DigiCash's Ecash
Nov 5 Paul C. Kocher Timing attack against RSA
Nov 12 No Seminar
Nov 19 Andrew Yao (Princeton) Some Recent Unconventional Attacks on Cryptosystems
Nov 26 Dan Simon, Microsoft Cryptography in the Age of Export Control
Dec 3 Jon Kleinberg (IBM/Cornell) The Security of Ping-Pong Protocols
Dec 10 Cynthia Dwork A Pubic Key Cryptosystem with Worst-Case/Average-Case Equivalence

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