The Second meeting of the First Senate will take place at 7pm this Tuesday, May 28th in room 190 of the law school. The agenda will be as follows:
  1. Executive Session
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the First Meeting
  4. Acceptance of the Orders of the Day and the Action Calendar
  5. Open Forum
  6. Report of the Chair
  7. Report of the Steering Committee
  8. Report of the Deputy Chair
  9. Reports of Association Committees and Departments
  10. Reports of Senate Committees
  11. Report of the President
  12. Report of the Financial Manager
  13. Action Items of Association Committees and Departments
    EC-1 To Validate the Special Election
    EC-2 To Certify the Special Election
    FMSC-1 To Confirm the Associate Financial Manager as Financial Manager for the 1996-1997 Fiscal Year NOTE: pursuiant to the constitution and the bylaws, the consideration of this bill will be held in closed session
    SB-1 To Confirm the Speakers Bureau Director
    PB-1 To Confirm the Publications Board Chair NOTE: this bill is still missing some important information.
  14. Action Items of Senate Committees
    A&R-1 To Revise the Bylaws of the ASSU Speakers Bureau
    A&R-2 To Provide By-Laws Under the New Constitution
    A&R-3 To Approve the Rules of Order
    A&R-4 To Approve the Standing Rules
    ARE-1 To Honor Professor Charles Marcus and Continue the Teaching Award
    CA-1 To Make the Association Constitution Internally Consistent
    CA-2 To Clarify the Role of Amendments to the Association Constitution
    CA-3 To make the ASSU sound better
    CA-4 To clarify the Founding Grant's relationship to the Association
    CA-5 To ensure student groups a fair chance at funding
  15. Action Items of the Chair
    Election of the Deputy Chair
    SC-2 To Make Those Elected to Seats 16-20 in the Undergraduate District and the Graduate Districts Voting Members on Senate Committees
    SC-3 To Appoint the Senate Representative to the Faculty Senate
    SC-4 In Appreciation of Having Organized the Senate Orientation
    SC-5 To Clarify Problems with the Current Bylaws
    SC-6 To Approve a Leave Of Absence by Senator Bruce Gibney
  16. Action Items of the President
  17. Action Items of the Financial Manager
    FM-1 To Release the Reserve Monies of KZSU
  18. Old Business
  19. New Business
  20. Final Comments
The minutes of this meeting