David Mandell Freeman

Manager, Security Data Science,
LinkedIn Corporation

2029 Stierlin Ct.
Mountain View, CA 94043
  Email: dfreeman@cs.stanford.edu

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I lead the Security Data Science team at LinkedIn, where I work on creating automated methods for detecting and preventing fraud and abuse.

Recent paper: Using Naive Bayes to Detect Spammy Names in Social Networks, appeared at AISec 2013

I was previously a postdoctoral scholar in the Applied Cryptography Group at Stanford University, under the supervision of Dan Boneh.


My academic research focuses on cryptographic applications of number theory and arithmetic geometry. Specific interests include elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography, pairing-based systems, and lattice-based cryptography.

Amongst my research interests are:

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley. My Ph.D. advisors were Ken Ribet (UC Berkeley) and Ed Schaefer (Santa Clara University).

In 2009 I was an NSF postdoctoral fellow at CWI, Amsterdam and Universiteit Leiden under the supervision of Ronald Cramer.

Other works in progress (v1.0 released December 26, 2010; v2.0 released April 10, 2014).


I have been involved with the following conferences and workshops:


Papers Published or Submitted

  • Using Naive Bayes to Detect Spammy Names in Social Networks
    David Mandell Freeman
    To appear at AISec 2013
    Published version (.pdf)

  • Improved security for linearly homomorphic signatures: A generic framework
    David Mandell Freeman
    In Public Key Cryptography -- PKC 2012 (Darmstadt, Germany, May 2012), Springer LNCS 7293 (2012), 697-714.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Functional encryption for inner product predicates from learning with errors
    Shweta Agrawal, David Mandell Freeman, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
    In Advances in Cryptology -- Asiacrypt 2011 (Seoul, Korea, December 2011), Springer LNCS 7073 (2011), 21-40.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Homomorphic signatures for polynomial functions
    Dan Boneh and David Mandell Freeman
    In Advances in Cryptology -- Eurocrypt 2011 (Tallinn, Estonia, May 2011), Springer LNCS 6632 (2011), 149-168.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Deniable encryption with negligible detection probability: An interactive construction
    Markus Dürmuth and David Mandell Freeman
    In Advances in Cryptology -- Eurocrypt 2011 (Tallinn, Estonia, May 2011), Springer LNCS 6632 (2011), 610-626.
    Download full version (.pdf)

    Subsequent to the publication of the above work in Eurocrypt 2011, it was shown that the main theorem in the paper is incorrect. A description of the problem appears in the Foreword to the full version.

  • Constructing pairing-friendly hyperelliptic curves using Weil restriction
    David Mandell Freeman and Takakazu Satoh
    Journal of Number Theory 131:5 (May 2011), 959-983.
    Download (.pdf)

  • Homomorphic signatures over binary fields and new tools for lattice-based signatures
    Dan Boneh and David Mandell Freeman
    In Public Key Cryptography -- PKC 2011 (Taormina, Italy, March 2011), Springer LNCS 6571 (2011), 1-16.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Limitations on transformations from composite-order to prime-order groups: The case of round-optimal blind signatures
    Sarah Meiklejohn, Hovav Shacham, and David Mandell Freeman
    In Advances in Cryptology -- Asiacrypt 2010 (Singapore, December 2010), Springer LNCS 6477 (2010), 519-538.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Converting pairing-based cryptosystems from composite-order groups to prime-order groups
    David Mandell Freeman
    In Advances in Cryptology -- Eurocrypt 2010 (French Riviera, May 2010), Springer LNCS 6110 (2010), 44-61.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Preventing pollution attacks in multi-source network coding
    Shweta Agrawal, Dan Boneh, Xavier Boyen, and David Mandell Freeman
    In Public Key Cryptography -- PKC 2010 (Paris, France, May 2010), Springer LNCS 6056 (2010), 161-176.
    Download (.pdf)

  • More constructions of lossy and correlation-secure trapdoor functions
    David Mandell Freeman, Oded Goldreich, Eike Kiltz, Alon Rosen, and Gil Segev
    In Public Key Cryptography -- PKC 2010 (Paris, France, May 2010), Springer LNCS 6056 (2010), 279-295.
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • A taxonomy of pairing-friendly elliptic curves
    David Freeman, Michael Scott, and Edlyn Teske
    Journal of Cryptology 23 (2010), 224-280.
    Download published version (.pdf)

  • On the security of pairing-friendly abelian varieties over non-prime fields
    Naomi Benger, Manuel Charlemagne, and David Mandell Freeman
    In Pairing-Based Cryptography -- Pairing 2009 (Palo Alto, California, August 2009), Springer LNCS 5671 (2009), 52-65
    Download (.pdf)

  • Signing a subspace: Signatures for network coding
    Dan Boneh, David Freeman, Jonathan Katz, and Brent Waters
    In Public-Key Cryptography -- PKC 2009 (Irvine, California, March 2009), Springer LNCS 5443 (2009), 68-87
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • A generalized Brezing-Weng method for constructing pairing-friendly ordinary abelian varieties
    David Freeman
    In Pairing-Based Cryptography -- Pairing 2008 (Egham, United Kingdom, September 2008), Springer LNCS 5209 (2008), 146-163
    Download (.pdf); Download additional examples (.pdf)

  • Abelian varieties with prescribed embedding degree
    David Freeman, Peter Stevenhagen and Marco Streng
    In Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium -- ANTS-VIII (Banff, Canada, May 2008), Springer LNCS 5011 (2008), 60-73.
    Download (.pdf)

  • Constructing pairing-friendly genus 2 curves with ordinary Jacobians
    David Freeman
    In Pairing-Based Cryptography -- Pairing 2007 (Tokyo, Japan, July 2007), Springer LNCS 4575, (2007), 152-176
    Download full version (.pdf)

  • Computing endomorphism rings of Jacobians of genus 2 curves over finite fields
    David Freeman and Kristin Lauter
    In Symposium on Algebraic Geometry and its Applications (Papeete, Tahiti, May 2007), World Scientific, 2008, 29-66
    Download (.pdf)

  • Constructing pairing-friendly elliptic curves with embedding degree 10
    David Freeman
    In Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium -- ANTS-VII (Berlin, Germany, July 2006), Springer LNCS 4076 (2006), 452-465
    Download (.pdf)

  • The isoperimetric problem on singular surfaces
    Andrew Cotton, David Freeman, Andrei Gnepp, Ting Ng, John Spivack, and Cara Yoder
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society 78:2 (April 2005) 167-199
    Download (.pdf)

  • The double bubble problem in spherical and hyperbolic space
    Andrew Cotton and David Freeman
    International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 32:11 (15 Dec 2002), 641-699
    Download (.pdf)

Other Papers

  • Constructing abelian varieties for pairing-based cryptography
    David Freeman
    Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, May 2008
    Download (.pdf)

  • Pairing-based identification schemes
    David Freeman
    Hewlett-Packard Laboratories technical report HPL-2005-154, August 2005
    Download (.pdf)

  • Fast arithmetic and pairing evaluation on genus 2 curves
    David Freeman
    Preprint, March 2005
    Download (.pdf)

  • Applications of modular forms
    David Freeman
    Cambridge University Part III Essay, May 2003
    Download (.pdf)



In Fall 2011 I taught Elliptic Curves in Cryptography (CS 259C/Math 250) at Stanford.
Course web page.

In Fall 2007 I was a Graduate Student Instructor for Math 16a at Berkeley, taught by Jack Wagoner.
Section web page.

In Fall 2005 I was a Graduate Student Instructor for Math 1a at Berkeley, taught by Vaughan Jones.
Section web page.

Other activities

  • Studentenkoor Amsterdam
  • UC Berkeley University Chorus.
  • University of California Alumni Chorus.
  • Cal Cycling.
  • Harvard Radio Broadcasting (WHRB).
  • See what I used to do in my spare time, back when I had some.
  • See what I now do all the time.
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